Video material

The Coursera course Priniples of Reactive Programming was presented twice—in 2013 and in 2014—by Martin Odersky, Erik Meijer, and Roland Kuhn. The final three weeks of this seven-week course are taught by Roland Kuhn and treat Actors as a model of distributed computation and reactive design. Together with the material on Akka Typed from the edX course Programming Reactive Systems that started running in 2019 (with Julien Richard-Foy and Konrad Malawski) they nicely complement the book with video lectures.

The videos are encoded in MP4 format and are less than 1GB in total. Display relies upon HTML5 features and allows adjustments to the playback speed; for best results a modern browser is recommended.

Teaching the course was an awesome experience, but I never made any money off of it. In case you feel like buying me a beverage (beer, coffee, tea), here’s a paypal link that would allow you to do so. Many thanks! Side note: PayPal Logo

First week: the Actor Model

Second week: handling failure and state

Third week: distributed computing

Fourth week: typed actors